CBD (Cannabidiol)
Derived from the hemp plant, CBD is known for its powerful effects, which helps slow the visible signs of aging.

ARLO CBD Beauty Eye Cream is formulated with a peptide which helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and bags under the eyes caused by excess fluid and aging skin. Peptides are small fragments of proteins, which are a vital part of the skin. This peptide targets vital areas around your eyes, restoring your eyes youthful appearance.

Cucumber Oil
ARLO CBD Beauty Eye Cream is enhanced with the cucumber oil to help stop the anti-aging process and provide the skin around your eyes with special care. The cucumber oil helps make your eyes appear younger and rested and it also enhances the cream with a lovely light scent.

Green Tea
The benefits of green tea are also helpful for your skin! We have boosted the ARLO CBD Eye Cream with this superstar ingredient that delivers great anti-oxidant effects; for youthful looking eyes.

Antioxidant Combination
ARLO CBD Beauty has selected a combination of high potency antioxidants that both complement and enhance each other. Antioxidants are naturally occurring materials such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can help protect and repair your skin. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 play significant roles in fighting free radicals, by minimizing the damage they cause, and reducing the formation and severity of lines and wrinkles. Antioxidants use different paths to provide you with youthful skin; with a combination of antioxidants as well as the benefits of CBD added, having potentially a greater effect than just one.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
A naturally occurring humectant that attracts moisture like a magnet at over 1,000 times its weight.
It improves your skin’s moisture content, stimulates collagen and helps maintain your skin’s elasticity resulting in lush, beautiful looking skin.

Specialized Moisturizers
Dry skin ultimately ends in fine lines and wrinkles, along with dull, sagging skin. Moisturization is so important that our scientists derived a blend of humectants (ingredients that attract moisture to your skin) and emollients (ingredients that fill in spaces between skin cells to smooth the appearance of your skin) with Invisicare skin technology to provide a powerful combination that will help to keep your skin soft, smooth and flexible.
ARLO CBD Beauty products feature the ultimate combination of four moisturizers including jojoba oil, coconut oil, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. By providing a natural moisturizing barrier to soften, soothe and strengthen the skin, these premium moisturizing ingredients are essential in promoting more youthful and radiant skin.