YES! ARLO CBD Beauty products are one of kind and because of our patented science they cannot be replicated. Our patents mean no one else has products like us.  No one delivers like ARLO!
ARLO CBD Beauty products are manufactured in the United States.
Ovation Science Inc. uses a polymer-based skin delivery system called Invisicare® which changes how ingredients are delivered to the skin without the use of alcohol, silicones, waxes or other organic solvents. The word polymer means many parts. Polymers determine the properties of the finished product; how it looks, feels, and acts. Invisicare® has the proven ability to bond ingredients to the skin, while at the same time allowing the skin to breathe and perspire normally. The result is a protective bond that holds in moisture, resistant to wash-off, delivering targeted levels of cosmetic skincare agents directly onto the skin. Over time, the invisible polymer wears off as part of the natural exfoliation process.
The answer is in the science! Ovation Science takes a different approach than most other skincare companies; we take a scientific one. Sure our products are incredible and formulated with great ingredients and enhanced with US hemp-derived CBD, but it is our patented science; our skin delivery technology called "Invisicare®" that makes ARLO CBD Beauty products stand above the rest. In fact ARLO’s science is not only patented but it is exclusively ours, no one and I mean no one can replicate what makes our products so unique.
Ovation Science Inc. is headquartered in Vancouver, BC Canada and our US operations are based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Sorry, unfortunately at this time our products are only available in the United States and cannot be transported over any borders.
Since July 2017. The Invisicare® technology has been in development for over twenty years.